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"Train tickets" page allows the user to purchase online train tickets on

The idea is to provide a new service, which until now was not possible, all in order to save valuable time and money.

You just need to want to travel by train, and the rest is our job.

It could hardly be simpler, right?


From now on some train tickets can be purchased online on by just adding your travel dates and destination to our searh engine.If the ticket is available in our web shop, you just have to follow the steps which lead you to the purchase. If the ticket is not available, you can still send as a request directly from the search engine or by sending us an email to . Due to very restrictive tarrif rules/limited number some types of tickets couldn't be included in the web shop.

Please find our info price list here, where from you can send us requests!

At the moment, only the most popular and most frequenty sold tickets are available in the web shop, but you can expect more offers soon!

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CROATIA EXPRESS travel agency enjoys a long tradition in business (since 1968) and has a long-time experience in making travel arrangements, offering a wide range of intermediation, food, accommodation, travel and other services.
We are recognizable by:
- a 42-year-long tradition in rail transport,
- our own bus fleet,
- our own accommodation facilities,
- a complete service in one place,
- the possibility of combining all aspects of travel.

The professional and kind employees of the agency with long-time experience will offer you the desired information fast and help you arrange your vacation:
- recommend the most interesting destinations and plan your travel in detail,
- recommend the easiest and most favorable way to reach your destination,
- choose the most favorable accommodation and extra events.

Are you aware of all the things we can do for you?
We are one of the rare service providers that can offer you a blend of all types of services in one place: own accommodation facilities, own bus fleet, services in rail, air and boat transport, as well as catering and other food, accommodation and travel services.
Place your confidence in us and bear witness to the quality of our services.

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