A trip to "grandpa Kajbumščak" by local train "Zagorski cug"

Let Your adventure begin in „Zagorski cug“ that will take You to the Krapina Neanderthal Museum and to „dedek Kajbumščak“ who will introduce you to the distant past and enrich You with another unforgettable experience. Continue trip by sightseeing Tr...

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Zagorje time machine

  Experience pieces of history in an entirely new way. Begin a journey through time at Zagreb West Station and relive memories of the first arrival of the train to Zagreb 150 years ago.Enjoy the beauty of architecture, and return to the golden ag...

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To childhood stories by train

  The magic of train travel can be difficult to capture completely, and when it still hides our favorite stories from books and movies, the experience is priceless. Begin this wonderful journey by discovering the golden age of railways in the Cro...

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Railway technology now and then

  Since there are trains, people are fascinated by them, watching them with longing and a touch of melancholy, remind them of travel, far destinations and nice people.Find out more about the golden age of rail by visit to the Croatian railway mus...

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At the place where trains are made

  Big and powerful, trains travel to their goals through different landscapes on exact rail, disregard anything. Have you ever wondered where  these giants are made? Visiting Gredelj factory You will see how to build wagons, and visiting&nbs...

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